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Expansion joints accessories

Product description

Additionally, in our offer you will find a range of accessories for compensators, including: travel stops, vacuum rings, protective covers, deflectors, spacers, rubber seals, springs and anti-fouling covers.

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Motion limiters

protect the compensator against exceeding the allowable (maximum) compensation values ​​caused by equipment vibrations or pipeline stresses.
Vacuum rings

they are used in expansion joints working under negative pressure and are used to protect the rubber bellows expansion joints against collapse. The rings are flooded in the compensator bellows permanently, so they do not come into contact with the flowing medium. For the production of rings, an acid-resistant steel rod grade 1.4301 with a diameter of Ø2 - Ø20mm is used.
Protective cover

serves to mitigate the effects of possible damage to the expansion joint by stopping the leakage of medium directly into the environment.

Range of application: DN50 - DN2400

Working pressure: 10 bar.


it is an exchangeable element that provides additional protection against bellows abrasion, however, it significantly reduces radial compensation.

Material: stainless steel

Range of application: DN50 - DN300

Spacer rings

eliminate any possible gaps between the pipeline and the compensator.

Range of application: DN50 - DN2400

Rubber gaskets used when installing the expansion joint
with deflectors and distance rings.

Range of application: DN50 - DN2400

used only in expansion joints working under negative pressure, mounted inside the compensator as an independent substitute in the event of not installing the vacuum ring before.

Range of application: DN100 - DN300
Anti-fouling cover

protects the compensator from direct weather or other undesirable external factors.

Range of application: DN50 - DN2400

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