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No. 1 among Polish compensator manufacturers

About company

Leading compensator manufacturer

Combining innovations with the use of solutions based on proven methods, we have become a leading Polish manufacturer of Compensators. The use of current technologies and a wide range of knowledge together with good engineering practices have made METAL-GUM products one of the world's leaders.

By working with us, you not only receive a good quality product, but you can also obtain an  advice and support on its use both in operation and exploitation.

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No. 1
among Polish compensator manufacturers
Innovative solutions and implementations
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Innovative solutions

The mission of METAL-GUM Sp. z o.o. is the leader position both in the range of products and introduction of new technologies in the sphere of production.
In our company, we realize the competitive advantage by focusing on continuous improvement and innovation in the areas of:

  • product,
  • technological,
  • employee.

Our company's philosophy and aspiration is to be one step ahead of the competition. Offer better solutions than existing market standards characterized by high quality and long service life.
As a result, several dozen proprietary ideas, patents and industrial designs remain in our achievements.

The history of Metal-Gum

The METAL-GUM company is one of the oldest private production companies in the Zielona Góra region. It started its activity in 1971. At that time, private entrepreneurship was not much popular and  respectable as it is today. The company's development accelerated with the year 1980, when cooperation with LZAE LUMEL in Zielona Góra began, and then with the branch FSO - POLMO in Kożuchów. Cooperation with these partners gave our products the rank of quality and responsibility for the materials beeing used. The accuracy of production allowed us to meet another challenge, which became cooperation with KGHM Polska Miedź, under which we began the first work on fittings used in highly abrasive environments. Cooperation with LZAE LUMEL has implemented us into another field – not developed in the 1980s. These were CNC machines that acquainted us with the world of new technologies and aroused the appetite for continuous development of technology and then automation of production processes. Since 2000, the company, has been operating in a different political system, has absorbed proven labor standards and adapted its structures to market requirements. During this time, we have introduced a wide range of products to the market, including products with innovative solutions in their segment.

METAL-GUM today is a Polish manufacturer that also designs and maintains its equipment, often adapting the product and its packaging to the individual needs of the customer or investor. People working in our company gain experience, knowledge and necessary practical skills. They also take part in training, thanks to which they see opportunities in undertaking more difficult tasks and new professional challenges.

Thanking you for visiting our site, we invite you to familiarize yourself with what our company is doing and how it can be helpful for you.

Wishing you success, we remain at your disposal.


On September 1st, an enterprise was transformed from one-person business activity into a single capital company - METAL-GUM Sp. z o.o.


We launched a robotized station for the expansion of compensators.


We introduced lightweight KTS compensators.


We implemented the SEKK system for compensators.


We have won the "Business Gazelle" award for the third time in a row.


We had obtained the Certificate of the Approval Directive of the system allowing the CE marking of fittings.


We introduced the quality management system according to ISO 2000: 9000 and changed the company headquarters.


We started production for KGHM S.A.


We started cooperation with LZAE LUMEL in Zielona Góra and with the branch FSO-POLMO in Kożuchów.


This year, a small company was established under the name: METAL-GUM Metal-Rubber Plant Wenancjusz Buzuk.

Completed projects

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